BACKGROUND - ESPN partnered with Apple to showcase the potentials of the new iMessage technology. My team was tasked with designing an App to generate an additive experience to integrate ESPN into communication tools.  We were given 2 weeks to design a viable solution to hand off to our developers.

GOAL -  Incorporate sports into messaging technology to understand future potentials.

ROLE -  I worked with another UX designer to lead this initiative in August 2016 at ESPN.

RESPONSE - Since the ESPN iMessage App launched in September 2016, we have had 1.4 million users utilize this app. 

PUBLICATIONS - App Advice,  9to5mac




With limited information due to the early stages of the software, we leveraged our existing user personas. These personas and user stories were key components to understand user needs and technological potential



Based on our research and user stories we explored potential feature integration. Some of our initial blue sky ideas included: expressive gifs with talent voice overs, betting in line, fantasy integration and in-depth game pages.

We chose to pursue ideas focused on game events and determined how the app may differentiate based on pre, post and live games.

We questioned: How much information should be shown on game pages? How do users browse for games, should users be able to pivots by sports? This functionality existed in the app but how can we optimize it for iMessage?



The final designs allow users to share game scores to friends, access game pages in-line and watch highlights in the iMessage app.  

We were concerned about users ability to discover game pages. In the ESPN app, we found adding 'See All' with a > indicator increased users who tapped. To solve our concerns of secondary layer discoverability we used this concept for score cell states (pre, live and post).  

Browse and Search - In the expanded version users have the ability to Search for the specific game they want or scroll through to find other games

Game Pages - Users have the ability to watch highlights inline by tapping into game score cells. They don't need to leave their experience to get the latest on their favorites.