Physical Computing / Prototyping

I have been playing around and hacking with Arduinos for the past 4 years. Most of my Graduate work focused on leveraging advanced technologies and implementing them to usable interface potentials. My coding experience has allowed me to quickly adapt to languages.  Below are a few extra examples of my work:



Eye Tracker Data Visualization


Focus is a data visualization program that shows the location of where you have looked on basketball images compared the points of previous users. I was interested in how eye tracking could be leveraged to better understand where someone might focus during a game to help beginners better understand the game of basketball. My project uses the EyeTribe to collect eyetracking data and visualize it.

There are two components to my project are called FOCUSCollector and FOCUSVisualizer.

  1.  FOCUSCollector, allows users to create their own data and visualize where the looked. I created displays imported images on a timer, and saves the viewers gaze points, image # and time spent per gaze to a .tsv file. 
  2. FOCUSVisualizer takes all of the .tsv created by the FOCUSCollector and allows users to visualize data compared to other data points collected. Users have the ability to change which image is viewed with their desired visual map. The options to visualize the data include: Scatter Plot, Scatter Plot Lines, Heat Map, Reveal Map, Cluster, Clickable Clustering.


I designed,  created and developed the project for a course in Spring 2015 at Carnegie Mellon University.

Components :

EyeTribe, Processing IDE w/Java




Snoring detection device


We were tasked with utilizing microphone data to create unique output functions. I hate when someone is sleeping in the same room as me and snores. isnOre is a device to detect snoring. Once isnOre detects snoring an alarm is set off and a water gun to sprays water to wake the snorer up.


I began with figuring out my initial concept by looking at precedence and blogging  “Precedent Analysis” of what the capabilities of a microphone input can be.  I chose to focus on snoring as it has always been an issue I have had when trying to sleep. From that point I began to look for what elements I needed to create the product and potential outputs to annoy snorers. I looked at dart guns, stun guns, shocks, water guns, and then came down to an alarm system that outputs a buzz. I formulated the sequence of events upon triggering the snoring input and began to sketch out forms to maximize the effect of each sensor based on placement.


I designed,  created and developed the project for a course in Fall 2014 at Carnegie Mellon University.


Ardiuno, Microphone (Input), Buzzer (Output), Squirt gun (Output), Button/Electronic Shocker (Stop Output).




Volleyball Identification System


A major problem when it comes to playing sports or learning a new sport is the constant injury such as jamming or breaking a finger, sprained wrist, etc. These are simple injuries that can be avoided with the correct hand-eye coordination development.


Ba.S.I.S is a Volleyball Identification System, that is worn to identify what volleyball action has been accomplished. The user will be told when they have completed the skills successfully through visual feedback.


I designed,  created and developed the project for a course in Fall 2013 at Carnegie Mellon University.


FSR Sensor, Softpot Position Sensor, Flex Sensor, Ardiuno and Processing using Java.